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October 14, 2007



Congrats! Sounds wonderful!
It really is quite an accomplishment; you should be proud.


Congratulations! I'll look for you in the magazine! That is just so exciting!


Wow, my mouth is watering for that thing! And how awesome to be a winner and meet your old school teacher again.

ffred harris

Well done Vicki, is there no end to your talents, The reciepe looks fab, im going to try and find maple sugar here but i dont think ill have any luck, weve just about got maple syrup, and i think thats only bacause of macdonalds!!!...my claim to fame is that me dear departed nan won a competition to name a cake by Mcvities, she called it manor house and won and they still make it today1,,bye for now fred


Hi All, a couple of people have asked...the recipe was in the October 2006 issue.

Mary Ellen

I'm sure the pleasant memory of being recognized in this way keeps you as cozy and warm as the pie itself. Congratulations on the honor. How sad it is that a lot of folks settle for store-bought pies with more goo (what on earth is the goo made of, anyway?) than apple.


Congratulations! So what time is dessert? I love pie but I loathe baking or cooking in general for that matter. My mil will occasionally make me a peach or apple pie though. Yum!


Congratualtions, Vicki! I'm drooling this very second.


Hi Vicki! I remember you asking me about up coming swaps. I found this blog by Jena Z called http://swapdex.blogspot.com, an index of swaps. Hope you like it.


yum yum and double yum. Sound so great and thank you for sharing it. I can hardly wait to have a go at making it.


I am printing the recipe as I type this and I sure will try this! Love baking and apple pie is allways a favorite!


Why look at you...Congratulations!! That is a great honor!


Congratulations on the pie contest. What an honor that must be. I baked a pie for our neighbors but no way would I even think about entering that. LOL They said it "tasted" good but they didn't say it was "pretty".


That is fantastic "apple pie lady"


My mouth is watering! I love apple pie, and may have to give this one a try. Not sure you can get maple sugar in the UK, but Andy is off to the US soon, so may get him to bring some home!
Cathy XX

Daisy Cottage

That is soooooo COOL! How exciting! I am going to try your recipe too - thank you for sharing and I'm so glad you won!!


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