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September 11, 2007



How lucky you are to have a book! I want one, but they are so expensive and I always think "gee, I could buy how many tablecloths with that $30 instead?" LOL

Would you believe I do not have a Wilendur American Beauty in red? I have one in yellow, but it is round.

(I think book values on most everything is ridiculous, but $75 for that cloth? Seems like a pretty common cloth actually.)


I am going to do my best to remember to post on Thursday! I have a very small - but very loved - collection!


Love your tablecloth collection and your teatowels too. I had the same exact Little Bo Peep hanging in my bedroom as a young girl. Hmmm, wonder if my mom still has it?


Your linens have me drooling! I haven't got near the tablecloth collection as you but I do have more linens total than any one person should be allowed to have! I'm actually trying to weed out a few things. I will try and post a tablecloth tomorrow.


O dear!!! What an enormous collection of vintage textiles.I do not realy care for them but when you see them in a big pile is gets something special.Hihihi


I love vintage linens! I am still in the very early stages of collecting though so I don't have many!


Oh wow! That is a lot of tablecloths! I probably have 15 - 20 & I thought that was a lot! I laughed about "Hanky Sunday" etc - your collections sound a bit like mine - they just seems to appear & grow out of nowhere!


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ffred harris

oh my gosh! is there nothing you dont collect...are you sure we were not seperated at birth, your blog is just like me looking in a mirror!


I just love those tablecloths. I have a little collection of small tablecloths but they are all too small for my table! I use them in the Summer outside though. Yours all look so lovely piled up together. What a lovely blog too.
Cathy X


I would love to participate in Tablecloth Thursday. I've got a few sweeties up my sleeve. Is it too late to join?

Cece Marie

I gasped upon reading that whole bag of buttons for $3! Oh, I'm so jealous! I love your collections! Very reassuring to know I'm not the only one who is so smitten by vintage hankies, tablecloths, buttons, potholders, etc! You are a girl after my own heart!
:) Cece

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