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November 18, 2007



Sorry to hear about your back - hope you are feeling better soon. I love all of those fabrics - they look so pretty, especially the scottie one!
I would love to have a hot chocolate and cupcake with you. If I have a spare few minutes I will try out the cake recipe - they are so great for cheering everyone up!
Cathy X

melissa deakin

i must try that cupcake recipe!
hey, what J's do you shop at?
i love that scotty fabric so much.
i hope the one by me has some left!


I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the recipe, I adore cupcakes. Your fabric is too cute. I used to be a fabric snob but like you, I am finding some really cute stuff at chains these days.

Mary Ellen D'Aurizio

Take it easy with your poor back. Hope you're feeling better soon! Thanks for the heads up on the fabric. I had kind of given up on Joanne's for anything other than utilitarian stuff.


You know the Cadbury cup is probably worth money now? I do miss Cadbury chocolate, it reminds me of home!
The cupcakes look yummy, and very pretty!


Hope you are feeling better soon. The cupcakes sound yummy.

LiLi M.

Hi Vicki, Sorry to hear that your back is hurting so much...
Did you know that the second lady that I am swapping with is having a bad back at this very moment too?. Mmmm, I don't hope it is my bad influence though. I love your fabrics and I am sure they will cheer you up AND I hope your postman will bring you a very little surprise one of these days, you deserve it! Wishing you the very best! Hugs L.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I have a back ache too and I think it is from all the sewing I have been doing. Now, I'll just have to deal with it because I see a JoAnn's trip in my future. I'm going to try your cupcake recipe too. Sounds easy and yummy. Thanks for sharing!

Cece Marie

Oh, dear...I'm so sorry to hear about your back.
:( Take good care of yourself and happy Thanksgiving!


This is torture. Scottie fabric that I cannot find!! I went to our local Joann's and, alas, after circling the fabric aisles like nine times, I had to give up. I'm an "anything" scottie collector. We use to have a real live scottish terrier, Marjorie and we plan on getting another this summer. Alas, I digress. I am sorry about your back. I sympathise as I suffer from the same thing. Sometimes the best thing to do is lay in a warm bed and read quilt magazines. Chocolate and muscle relaxants help, too. Take care.


I can't find the scotty fabric either. Boohoo! Wondering if it's with the holiday fabric or the everyday fabric...

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