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November 04, 2007


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Your redwork quilt is awesome. I would love to make one but don't have the eyes or the patience for embroidery anymore.


It all looks so beautiful! I have a redwork project in mind for sometime in the future. Great inspiration!


Once again, I'm envious, of the redwork!! Recipe please!!


Wow! What an awesome find. I adore all redwork. It reminds me of my Great Grandmother. I have wanted a mangle since Martha explained how they work. What a beauty you have! Yes, I am reading your post today with great envy. I can so relate to the poor wife at the estate sale.



vicki, I love that first bit about beauty and duty!

I have been meaning to email you, do you think we should do tablecloth Thursdays once a month? How about the First or last Thursday? I was derailed by the small fry's birthday and then Halloween!

Cindy Hamlin

That quilt find rocks!

For the loose squares, shy not make a denim tote bag or messenger and frame them with some red rickrack on the front, maybe add some red gingham?


P.S. I bet the hubby is still hearing about how "he got her there late!"


What an amazing find - the redwork squares are just beautiful. I especially love the one of 'Old Faithful' - just like my dog. Cupcakes look scrummy - recipe would be fab please.
Cathy XX


Wow! That redwork is truly amazing. I'm not familiar with it being from Souh Africa, but I love it. What an incredible find. I think you must be well qualified to start your own museum :)

LiLi M.

Hi Vicki! I'm going to have one of those delicious cupcakes on your birthday. Congrats from Holland & have a nice day!! Love Li(dwien)Li

Sandra Evertson

Ooo, the red and white is so crisp and beautiful!
Sandra Evertson


I am green about your red!!! What a lucky girl u r Vicki ! Just for future reference, how early did you get there?????
SmiLeS~dArLy DoLiTtLe

melissa deakin

gorgeous finds.
you amaze me.
thinking of you...


What a great find, I love redwork pieces. The cupcakes look so yummy...I know I would enjoy the recipe. Linda

Redwork in Germany

The Redwork quilt is beautiful and thank you for all those lovely pictures.

Terri McGarry

I have a Pan Am Expo quilt top made by my husband's great grandmother and would love to know the value. It's in excellent condition.


Hi, I dont do appraisals, but I think a local woman does. Google Linda Hunter quilts and you will find her. Coincidentally, my high school students are making a repro PanAm quilt. We have one at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site here in Buffalo. I would love to see a photo of your quilt. Its my favorite because of the local history. Good Luck! Vicki

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