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April 07, 2008



Oh what lovely button! I am trying to bid om some on Ebay Belgium where a lady has bought the entire content of an old needleworkshop.She bought 30 000 vintage glass buttons,all on their original cards and is all selling them.But the prices are soooooo high. They go for 20 dollars for 24 buttons...This is sadly a bit to much to me for buttons that I just want to "have"!!
Have a nice day,Vicky.I'm thinking of you!!


Gorgeous buttons.

And hang in there, I know it's a long haul. :-)


oh wow those diamond ones are just fabulous! I thought I had some great buttons but no way yours are fabulous!



Nice buttons! My favourite thing as a kid was looking through my Mum's jar of buttons. And I still love looking through buttons! Nice to see you're still there!


what a fantastic collection of buttons ;) i hope you are feeling ok!!! still thinking of you!


I just found your delightful blog! I will be back often! Have a happy Monday!

Lili M.

Hi Vicki, I was going to tell you that taking rest didn't mean walking more than a week behind ;-) but I cannot, I'm drooling. Aaah I love those buttons with images. Did I see Scottie dog buttons too? I think I'm going to faint right now.....
Take care!


Wow. Your buttons are beautiful :)

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